Welcome to wind tales a boutique art guest house situated in the medieval settlement of Ano Syros. Scroll down to navigate to our story!

Our Rooms:

Wind Tales is comprised of 3 unique rooms. Distinctive Cycladic architecture and decoration, natural materials such as rock, marble and wood, define your first impression.


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Simply Breathtaking. Undoubtedly the most impressive view of the port of Ermoupolis from Ano Syros.

Its panoramic view, as well as the architectonic details of the whole building will give the guest the impression the room is flying, as is witnessed by its name.

The Rock, is literally carved into the natural rock where our guest house is set. This rare setting together with its distinctive wooden floors and natural lighting...

The Relax, as its title suggest, is our proposal for those seeking absolute comfort and relaxation. Unique wooden details on the ceiling as well as...

Experience Syros the way locals do.


Experience Syros the way locals do.

Each guest deserves exclusive treatment. That is our motto. From your first impression upon arrival, until your checkout, by providing you anything necessary we will optimize your experience in staying at our guesthouse.

Think of our tailor made services as your opportunity to step beyond the narrow confines of the well-travelled tourist circuit and feel the real pulse of the island.

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  • About us

    The building is located in the very first core of the medieval settlement in Ano Syros. The entrance arch is highly presumed as one of the first gates...

  • The settlement

    The medieval village of Ano Syros, also called “Chora”, is one of the best preserved settlements in the Aegean. Dating back to the 12th century little has changed in its architecture.

  • The island

    Syros, in the heart of the etesian wind and Aegean waves, in the centre of Cyclades, it is the ideal island for the guest...